The punla (seedlings) that the locals have been continuously cultivating contribute immensely to the town’s development and prosperity. In celebration of their bountiful harvests, the LGU and the locals founded the PunLad festival. PunLad is a portmanteau of the phrase “punla sa pag-unlad” which means “the seedling of prosperity”. The PunLad Festival is held every 2nd week of February.


The Karakol Festival is held in line with the town's celebration of the Feast Day of San Guillermo, the Patron Saint of Talisay, and as part of Talisay's annual founding anniversary held every February. The Karakol Festival is participated by the devotees of San Guillermo and is considered as one of the major events of the town. Karakol is a dance ritual usually performed by devout parishioners along the streets and is now commonly performed during town fiestas and other religious festivities.


Horse Racing has always been a recreational activity of the local horsemen of Talisay, Batangas. In recent years, the Talisay Local Government Unit has recognized this hobby and turned it into a safer and more responsible program. During race day and after proper conditioning, the horses that usually haul tourists in and around the volcano island turn into sprint machines and become a source of sports and entertainment themselves. This activity has become instrumental in giving the jockeys and the townsfolk an avenue to destress and just have a fun, memorable time.


The Mardi Gras is inarguably the most colorful festival of Talisay, Batangas. This festival is enlivened by the flamboyant costumes, festive music and colorful parades which highlight the creativity and the ingenuity of The Taliseno. Each year, the festival's theme varies though it always acknowledges camaraderie and rapport among the locals. It is a must-see event where games and activities are held all day and all night long. The Talisay Mardi Gras is held every last day of October.