Seedling Bowl of the Nation

Talisay is accountable for the largest growth production of seedlings/ saplings than in any other town in the country. It is said that almost 80% to 85% of seedlings/saplings that reach other provinces in the Philippines came from Talisay, thus acquiring the tagline ‘SEEDLING BOWL OF THE NATION’.

With a huge production of punla, the local government thought of another festival to celebrate — the PUNLAD Festival. PUNLAD is derived from the phrase “punla sa pag-unlad”.

Indeed, the seedlings which the locals are continuously growing contribute to the town’s development and prosperity.

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Artificial Flower Making

Imitations of natural plants used for commercial or residential decorations. Talisay is also famous for artificial flower-making. This is 60-year old industry provides for the busy markets of Divisoria, Korea and Japan.